This child dressed in suit and boots was angry with his father all his life, talked to his father for the first time at the grave, today he is the king of Bollywood…what do you know?

A serious and brilliant artist of the National School of Drama, who has created such a mark on the basis of acting that has no competition. Growing up, this child has set flags with his skills whose example can be cited. But in the initial days of drama school, he was sometimes made fun of by being called bad-looking and sometimes even rejected. Today, with the same looks and powerful dialogue delivery, this child has made a name for himself as a veteran artist across the world. It has also won three national awards in the country from the Venice Film Festival. Do you recognize who this child is?

This child is Bollywood’s veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah, whose acting cannot be questioned. But in his early days, Naseeruddin Shah had to face a lot of mockery regarding his appearance. There is a famous story about him that after seeing him, an actress had commented whether she would have to work with this ugly hero.

Not only the actress, according to media reports his girlfriend also left him saying that you do not look as beautiful as a hero. Later, due to these looks, Shyam Benegal gave him a break in the film. Because, he wanted a similar looking actor. Nasruddin Shah’s relationship with his father was also not special. He remained angry with his father all his life and says that for the first time after his father’s death, he went to his grave and talked to him.

Once Naseeruddin Shah got a chance, he never looked back. He continued climbing the stairs of success. In his career, he did roles ranging from romantic hero to comedy and action roles. The glory of his talent is such that he has received the National Film Award for three films Sparsh, Paar and Iqbal. He also has three Filmfare, one IIFA and one Venice Film Festival Volpi Cum Best Actor Award in his kitty. In the year 1987, the Government of India awarded him the Padma Shri and in the year 2003, he was awarded the Padma Bhushan.

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