This director was amazing, he made the factory fitter the hero and the journalist who came for the interview the heroine, read the 76 year old story.

Stories related to cult films are also very interesting. When these films are being made, no one realizes what their fate will be. That’s why everyone associated with the film works hard and many times these films become a part of film history. Here we are going to mention one such film which was released 76 years ago and its director was very amazing. The director was amazing in that he wanted to keep his film completely natural. He did not want any professional actor to work in his film. Therefore, he chose the actors of his film in such a way that they look less like stars and more like the characters of that film. Here we are talking about the film Bicycle Thieves or The Bicycle Thief, released in 1948. This was an Italian film and is included in the category of classic films.

The director of Bicycle Thieves was Vittorio De Sica. He wanted to make his film in a special way. So the first condition of making the film was that he would not employ professional actors in the film. Now if not professional actors then who? So it happened that a child had come for the audition of the film. Which was brought by a person working as a fitter in his factory. Vittorio De Sica found him perfect for the role in his film, so he hired him as the lead actor of his film.

Now came the turn of choosing an actress for Bicycle Thieves. Here too Vittoria De Sica did a very unique job. There was a journalist who had come to interview him. The interview was left aside, Vittorio saw the heroine of his film in that girl. So he immediately chose her as the lead actress of his film.

Now all that was left for Bicycle Thieves was the kid who had an important role. Now a kid came to watch the shooting. Vittorio signed him for the film and he kept his word that he would not choose any professional actor for the film.

The story of Bicycle Thieves is about a poor father who sets out to find a stolen bicycle in Rome after the Second World War. Without which he will lose his job and which is the means of survival for him and his family. This film was liked a lot. At that time, Bicycle Thieves was made for 1 lakh 33 thousand dollars and it has collected 4 lakh 28 thousand rupees at the box office. This film was based on the book by Luigi Bartolini. Director Vittorio De Sica is always remembered for his film.

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