This is how Kanika Patawari, born in Belgium, learned Hindi, then composed songs, and has received nomination in the Grammy Awards.

Kanika Patawari, an exceptionally talented singer and lyricist of Indian origin, was brought up in Belgium. However, these days she is spending her time in Los Angeles and Mumbai. Born with a passion for music, Kanika decided to pursue her musical aspirations at the age of 5. Now she is slowly achieving her goals. Kanika Patawari has studied at Berklee College of Music. And she has also received a nomination at the Grammy Awards for Best World Album of the Year in 2023. Kanika Patawari has given 10 songs so far which include Runak Jhunak, Lucky, Fikrein, Saari Raat and Dil Pardesi. She has also sung in English, Hindi and Marwari.

After her spectacular success, Kanika Patawari answered the questions of He told how his interest in Hindi songs increased while living in Belgium. Kanika Patawari said, when I was growing up, my parents always played Hindi music at home. And we come to India twice a year to stay connected with our family and culture. Like anyone else growing up in India, Hindi music has become a part of my identity. As I grew older and I visited India more often, I also started writing Hindi songs. I found it very natural to switch between Hindi and English in my music.

Concluding her talk, Kanika Patawari said, ‘We always speak Hindi at home and my mother has also taught me to read and write in Hindi. I never felt like a foreigner to my culture. Understanding Hindi music came naturally, and it became a part of our everyday lives, creating a strong connection to our roots despite living away from India.’ Apart from this he also talked about other things.

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