This Salman Khan actress started her career with a Doordarshan serial, went into obscurity after a blockbuster.

Getting a film offer after appearing in a serial on Doordarshan, such a coincidence has happened with only a few artists. Among those who got a chance to appear on the big screen from Doordarshan, the careers of some artists took off and reached great heights, like Shahrukh Khan. But there were some actors who got big offers on the cinematic screen but could not show anything special. The fate of the actress we are talking about today was also similar. Which got a lot of love on the small screen. As soon as he entered the film world, he got immense success and fame. But then that charisma was not visible. We are talking about Bhagyashree. Who was first seen in a beautiful show of Doordarshan. Do you know which show that was?

Got the movie after the show

Kachchi Dhoop was a lovely show telling the story of three sisters. In this show, Bhagyashree played the role of the eldest sister Alka. Which was the role of a teenage girl. Bhagyashree also looked very beautiful in this show which aired on Doordarshan in 1987. His innocence and naivety won hearts even then. The audience also liked his style very much and also gave him love. You will be surprised to know that famous director Ashutosh Gowarikar was also in this show. Who loved Bhagyashree in the show. This was also his first TV serial. After this show, Bhagyashree got a chance to work in the movie Maine Pyar Kiya. This film of Bhagyashree with Salman Khan was a huge hit. But after this she appeared only in a few movies.

story of three sisters

Amol Palekar had given the shape of an episode to this lovely story of the sorrows, joys and struggles of three sisters. Who himself has been an excellent actor and director. The film is the story of three sisters and their mother. Who work hard and endure hardships to fulfill their small dreams. Still live together and are happy. This show, which came on TV in 1987, used to air only once a week. The show ended after just 14 episodes.

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