This serial for greedy women is coming soon, after watching it you will also say that you have feet on the clouds

Women are often labelled as “greedy” if they have ambitions in their lives, and Sony SAB’s upcoming and much-awaited show Badal Pe Paanv Hai is all set to break this stereotype with the inspiring story of Bani (played by Amandeep), who works hard to give her family a better life despite all odds. A transformative show on television that highlights a bold and relevant theme of an individual pushing the boundaries and striving to achieve a better life, ‘Badal Pe Paanv Hai’ is produced by the power house producer duo, Sargun Mehta and Ravi Dubey.

The show is the story of Bani, a middle-class girl who struggles to make ends meet, yet her aspirations are bigger than the obstacles she faces in her life. A spirited and ambitious girl, Bani believes that wanting a better life is not a negative trait but a step towards improving one’s life and fulfilling one’s dreams. As Bani’s aspirations grow, she unwittingly steps into the dynamic and often male-dominated world of the stock market and trading. ‘Badal Pe Paanv Hai’ showcases her sacrifices, struggles, and determination to turn her dreams into reality, one bold step at a time.

Set in the vibrant and culturally rich backdrop of Punjab, Bani’s character is deeply rooted in the traditions and ideals of her homeland. Bani will inspire the audience with her infectious optimism and determination to follow their dreams without giving in to the obstacles that come their way.

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