This superstar had become the enemy of Devanand’s love, his relationship with Madhubala broke due to his stubbornness…did you recognize this boy?

This young man sitting on the chair with a thump like a Nawab has a distinct identity in the Bollywood film industry. This star was an expert in bringing out every emotion in the hearts of the audience with his deep eyes and voice full of emotions. Perhaps it was this artistry of acting that took him to such heights that he won many awards like Padma Shri, Padma Bhushan, Dadasaheb Phalke etc. Got a lot of wealth and fame in life but had to endure a lot of pain to achieve perfect love. When the same pain was seen on screen, he got the name Tragedy King.

enemy of friend’s love

After listening to Tragedy King, you must have understood that we are talking about Dilip Kumar. This picture is of Dilip Kumar whose real name was Yusuf Khan. Before knowing about Dilip Kumar’s broken heart, also know that he himself had become the enemy of his friend Devanand’s love. Actress Suraiya of that era was Devanand’s first love. But Suraiya’s grandmother never liked their company. It is said that Dilip Kumar himself did not want that Devanand and Suraiya could unite. That’s why he also kept listening to Suraiya’s grandmother. The result was that the relationship between Devanand and Suraiya broke down.

fell in love many times

After the breakup of this relationship, there was rift between Dilip Kumar and Devanand for a long time. By the way, many of Dilip Kumar’s own loves have remained unfulfilled. Dilip Kumar first fell in love with Kamini Kaushal. After that with Madhubala and then with Vyjayanti Mala. But every time the circumstances remained against their love. Ultimately he was able to marry Saira Banu, who was about twenty years younger than him.

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