Those three videos of spoiled NBK in which he slapped someone and pushed someone else

South actor Nandamuri Balakrishna (NBK) is once again in the headlines for his bad behavior. On Wednesday, he misbehaved with a South actor in public at an event. After which Nandamuri is being heavily criticized on social media and people are trolling him. This incident happened at the pre-release event of the film Gangs of Godavari, but this is not the first time that Nandamuri has misbehaved with someone. Even before this, he has misbehaved with many people in front of everyone. This is proved by his three videos.

When Nandamuri reached the stage with the starcast for the promotion of the film, everyone was standing in a line. Meanwhile, to move ahead, he pushed Anjali so hard that she almost fell down. The other stars present there with Anjali were shocked to see this. However, Anjali laughed loudly and avoided the matter. She handled Nandamuri’s action there. Apart from this, a video of Nandamuri has also surfaced, in which he is seen sitting in a function. During this, Nandamuri is seen holding a drink in a small bottle behind the water bottle, which looks like alcohol.

This guy is a serial offender and no consequences.
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However, there is no official confirmation of this. Talking about Nandamuri’s third video, Nandamuri is seen slapping people on different occasions. Which is quite surprising. Talking about the actor’s work front, he was last seen in the film Bhagwant Kesari. This film was released in theaters in October last year. Actress Sri Leela was in the lead role with Nandamuri in this film.

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