Three aunties danced vigorously on the song ‘Aunty Number One’, even Govinda could not stop himself and created a ruckus

Bollywood actor Govinda is known for his tremendous comedy timing. Along with this, people are also crazy about her amazing dance. In the 90s, he was considered the best dancer of Bollywood. In many films, he showed such enthusiasm in his dance that his style became a trend. Govinda’s dance in the film Aunty No. 1, released in 1998, became everyone’s favorite. 26 years after the release of the film, when Govinda saw three women dancing on his same song, he could not live without praising them.

Showed amazing on the stage of Dance Deewane

Govinda had reached the stage of Dance Deewane Season 4 with his wife and was sitting on the judge’s chair and watching the performance of the contestants. During this, three women in pink sarees gave such a brilliant performance on Govinda’s song Aunty No. 1 that he could not stop himself from praising them. While sitting on the judge’s chair, Govinda started cheering him and eventually went and danced with the contestants.

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Govinda supported the contestants

Govinda danced in the same style on this iconic song. Seeing his dance, his fans are praising him a lot. This video is going viral and fans say that age has no effect on Govinda. Even at the age of 60, he is equally fit and is an expert in dancing. Seeing Govinda dancing, his wife Sunita was also seen clapping. Madhuri Dixit was also seen praising him.

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