TV’s Shalin Anupama broke all limits in replying to the fans, said such a thing that the fans got angry at their favorite actress

Anupama is the top rated show of Star Plus. Actress Rupali Ganguly is in the lead role in this show and due to her performance in it, she has a good fan following. People like Anupama. Her character is such that she has become a favorite of many women, especially since she has started taking a stand for herself, Anupama’s fans have increased further. Now, on one hand, her fan following is increasing, on the other hand, her fans have started noticing some changes in the behavior of Anupama i.e. Rupali. This opinion about Rupali was formed on social media after one of her viral videos. In this video, Rupali is seen talking in a manner which is very different from her onscreen image. This did not go down well with his fans on the internet.

Did Rupali Ganguly make her fans angry with this comment of a fan?

Rupali Ganguly talked about the show and its trolls. The popular actress commented on a gynecologist who is also her fan. But the style in which he spoke was quite strange. When the anchor of the show asked Anupama, how do you feel when people troll? What would you like to say? So Rupali said, it seems that people are unemployed who are commenting so much on Anupama. There is a gynecologist and she comments that it seems like she has no work… tell me and I will send the patient.

People did not like Rupali talking like this and they started commenting on social media. An angry fan wrote, that gynecologist is saving lives and you have to beg in front of the fans for your show. You are speaking the same language as your toxic fans. One wrote, I don’t think celebs should react like this, people are criticizing the character, what is the need to take it personally. One wrote, Who is she talking about? Which doctor is sending the message for this? Today it has lost its respect in my eyes.

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