Two marriages, two divorces, four children and now preparations for the third marriage? What do these daily soap people want to do?

TV, small screen, daily soap, whatever you call it, it is moving so far ahead of the times that even Hollywood’s vision and modernism has been left behind. Meaning, till today the mothers who used to get emotional after watching the episodes are also surprised as to what is happening. We were not that poor. Meaning, a different level of Mother’s glory is going on and if you try to understand the story carefully then you will feel, what is going on brother?

There is a housewife who has been married for 25 years. There are three children out of which two are spoiled and one is fine. Well, this keeps going on. Then on the 25th anniversary it is revealed that the husband is having an affair. plot twist. A relationship ends and a 26 year old lover comes again. Friendship happens, love happens and then marriage happens. You might be thinking that now everything is set but this is a daily soap brother. Then come the greedy relatives, step mother etc. Overall then twist after twist, twist after twist and twist after twist and this marriage also collapses. Now if we make the achievement chart then she has two ex-husbands, four children, two daughters-in-law and three children whom she calls grandmother. But the story does not end here Babumoshay.

This is a daily soap and it is not only difficult but impossible to estimate its strength because once it starts the story, it does not end there. Something similar is happening with this show…on one hand the second ex-husband is trying to make a comeback while on the other hand the makers have deployed a new candidate. Even NASA people are surprised to see that the show makers are planning how many more marriages of an actress in a show who has already been married and divorced twice. We will only say this… Hey Rajan, the TV show should not be long, it should be logical and good.

Do you know which show we are talking about? We are talking about Star Plus’s Anupama in which new twists are coming one after the other and now who knows what is going to happen next?

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