VIDEO: Ranu Mandal sang a song in this style as a bride. People could not digest it, said – she has come again.

You must remember Ranu Mandal. The same singer whose video went viral. After that he got name and recognition. Not only this, the number of people feeling pity on Ranu Mandal’s condition increased. On the basis of his talent, artists like Himesh Reshammiya also gave him a chance to sing. After this, Ranu disappeared from the limelight in such a way that people forgot her. Now another song of Ranu Mandal is going viral. But this time he is not getting praise from fans. On the contrary, the fans are angry at him. Ranu Mandal’s simple style is also not visible in this song. Rather, she is seen dressed in a different style.

Ranu Mandal seen in red saree

Ranu Mandal’s video was shared by an Instagram handle named Rabi Pal. It can be seen that Ranu Mandal is standing dressed in a bright red saree. He is wearing a crown on his head. Gajra has also been worn in the hair. Apart from the banda on the head, earrings in the ears, garland around the neck and bangles in the hands, he is also wearing flowers and has also tied a girdle. Ranu Mandal is singing a song with this heavy look. However, the language in which she is singing is not easy for everyone to understand. But the sweetness of his voice is definitely tempting.

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But it seems that the fans did not like this style of Ranu Mandal much. After listening to Ranu Mandal’s song, a user wrote whether she is asking for Kurkure. A user also confirmed whether this is Ranu Mandal. One user jokingly asked whether Kanchana has returned. Let us remind you that once before also Ranu Mandal’s over made up look had gone viral. However, by then it had become clear that the video was fake.

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