Viewers upset with the worn-out track of Anupama serial, said – If this is what was to be shown…

Anupama Serial Latest Update: Anupama Serial is the number one serial of TV, due to which it has remained on the top of the TRP list for many weeks. However, many times the serial slips to the second position, which is seen due to changes in the story. At the same time, this week also it seems that something similar is going to be seen in Anupama, due to which the audience seems quite angry and is seen scolding the makers. Not only this, fans are also seen requesting for changes in the latest track.

In the serial, these days Anupama is once again seen seeing her family in America. Actually, after meeting Kinjal abroad, Anupama has started taking care of her granddaughter Pari. Whereas Toshu seems angry at his mother. Due to this, he seems to be interfering in her personal life. Meanwhile, in Anuj’s story line, after removing Shruti from his life, Anuj is seen trying to bring Anupama back into his life.

Talking about the upcoming trek, Anupama comes forward to help save Aadhya who has run away from home. While Anuj tells Shruti not to think that she befriended him for Aadhya’s sake. Not only this, in the serial Toshu will ask Yashdeep whether he leaves all his female employees, or is mom only special. Anupama feels disgusted.

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Expressing his anger on the latest episode, a user wrote, Toshu should be slapped hard. Anupama please do this. Another user wrote, how can anyone call Anupama a best mother. A mother can say bad words to her daughter. The third user wrote, When Anu ran back to her ex-husband’s house to help her 3 children with their problems, she was beaten?
But now that she is doing the same for Aadhya, the rule book is different, because Anuj is the father!

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