When Aamir Khan was fired from his first acting assignment, he started crying, then a bandh made him a superstar.

Aamir Khan came to Netflix’s ‘The Great Indian Kapil Show’ this week and had a lot of fun with Kapil Sharma and his team. Not only this, Aamir Khan told how Maharashtra Bandh made him a superstar. Aamir Khan told, ‘I wanted to work in a theater group in college. But failed in the audition. But I did not give up. I saw that the rehearsal of a Gujarati play was going on, there was a chorus of 30-40 people. I applied and became part of the crowd. I had only one line in that entire play. But Maharashtra was closed a few days before the play. Amma said that we cannot go to rehearsal. This way I couldn’t go to rehearsals. But when I reached the rehearsal the next day, the director asked why you did not come yesterday. I told but he did not listen. They chased me away from there. I burst into tears. There I sat on the grass and kept crying. I felt so bad, I was crying. Meanwhile two guys came and said, listen friend, he is my friend Bansal. This diploma is making a film. Are you free? I said that I am free now. You have to go to Poona Institute today. Then the shooting happened. Another student Rajeev Singh saw this film. I did his film. After watching both the films, Ketan Mehta cast her in Holi. In this way Mansoor and Nasir Saheb decided to cast me in the film. If Maharashtra had not been closed that day then who knows whether I would have become a star or not.

This is how Aamir Khan is called Mr. Perfectionist
Kapil Sharma asked Aamir Khan why he is called Mr. Perfectionist? Answering this, Aamir Khan shared a very funny incident. Aamir Khan told that only one person is responsible for this and that is Shabana Azmi. He told that we were shooting for the film Dil. The director of the film was Inder Kumar and the cameraman was Baba Azmi. Baba Azmi lived in Janaki Kutir and we used to go there. One day we were sitting there discussing about films and then Shabana ji brought tea. He asked how much sugar would he take? At that time I was so engrossed in the conversation that I did not realize what happened. He again asked how much sugar would he take? I came out of my thoughts and got lost somewhere. I started staring at them. I asked him how big the glass was. He showed me the cup. Then I asked how big the spoon was. In this way I said to put one spoon. Then I started discussing. After this he told this to everyone. In this way, I got the tag of Mr. Perfectionist that I even drink sugar in tea by looking at the size of the spoon and cup.

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