When Dharmendra used to reach the set after eating raw onion due to his habit, Asha Parekh got angry so He-Man had to do this work.

Millions of people were crazy about veteran actor Dharmendra, known as He-Man in Bollywood. The audience gave immense love to his films and characters and due to this, even today at the age of 88, Dharmendra is active in films. As successful as Dharmendra’s career was, the stories related to him are equally interesting. A similar incident happened during Dharmendra and Asha Parekh’s film ‘Aaye Din Bahaar Ke’. During this film, once Asha became very angry with Dharmendra, the reason for that is also very interesting.

Drunkenness increased Dharmendra’s problems

It has been said about Dharmendra that at one time he used to drink a lot of alcohol. According to media reports, Dharmendra used to drink a lot of alcohol even during the film ‘Aaye Din Bahar Ke’. He used to gather with the crew members after the shooting. But then when he returned to shooting, the smell of alcohol would come from his mouth. Dharmendra started chewing onion to hide this smell. He used to come to shooting every day after eating onions.

took a vow not to drink alcohol

There was always a smell of onion coming from Dharmendra’s mouth, due to which Asha Parekh got very upset during the shooting. One day his anger burst and he reprimanded Dharmendra fiercely. Then Dharmendra told Asha that he was doing this to hide the smell of alcohol. On this Asha requested Dharmendra not to drink alcohol. After this, Dharmendra never drank alcohol till the shooting of the film. Asha Paresh herself had told during an interview that it was very cold during the shooting in Darjeeling, West Bengal, but Dharmendra did not drink alcohol.

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