When Gauri Khan said- ‘I will not convert for Shahrukh’, know why King Khan’s wife said such a thing for conversion

Shahrukh Khan and Gauri Khan are one of the cute couples of Bollywood. Their love story is no less than a film story. People give the example of Shahrukh and Gauri’s love story. Shahrukh Khan had to struggle a lot to marry Gauri because Gauri’s parents were against this marriage. Gauri once talked about Shahrukh Khan’s religion and changing her religion after marriage in a chat show. A video of Gauri is also going viral on social media.

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This was said in Coffee with Karan
Gauri Khan went to Koffee with Karan season 1 with Hrithik Roshan’s ex-wife Suzanne Khan. During that time, Gauri said on the show- Aryan is like Shahrukh Khan. I think he will follow his religion. He always says I am a Muslim and when he told this to my mother, she said- what does this mean. She was dealing with this and it is true.

Shahrukh does not insult my religion
Gauri further said- There is a balance here. I respect Shahrukh’s religion but that does not mean that I become a Muslim. I do not believe in it. I think everyone is an individual and follows his religion. But, obviously there should be no disrespect. Like Shahrukh will not disrespect my religion either.

A few years ago, on the sets of Dance Plus 5, Shahrukh had said- We did not talk about Hindu-Muslim. My wife is a Hindu, I am a Muslim and my children are Indians. When they go to school, they have to fill in the form stating their religion. So when my daughter was young, she came and asked me once- Papa, which religion do we belong to? I wrote in it that we are Indians. There is no religion and there should not be any.

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