When Krishna Kapoor had gone to stay in a hotel with her son Rishi, her husband’s relationship with this actress was not acceptable, the house was left falling apart.

Rishi Kapoor had revealed many things about himself and his family in his book ‘Khullam Khulla’. He also wrote about his father’s relationship with Nargis and Vyjayanthimala. In this he wrote that his father Raj Kapoor had a relationship with Nargis, the family knew about their relationship and even after this nothing changed in the house. However, when it came to Vyjayanthimala, her mother Krishna Raj Kapoor started opposing.

Rishi Kapoor revealed in his book

Rishi Kapoor writes, “I was very young when my father had an affair with Nargis ji. So I was not impressed by their relationship. I don’t remember anything happening at home because of this, but I remember that When Papa was engaged to Vyjayanthimala, my mother protested and we stayed in the Natraj Hotel on Marine Drive and from there we shifted to an apartment in Chitrakoot for two months. My mother did not give up until That he did not close that chapter of his life”.

Vyjayanthimala told ‘Promotion’

However, Vyjayanthimala later called this affair a ploy for film promotion. Rishi writes that in an interview published a few years ago, Vyjayantimala denied ever having a relationship with my father. He claimed this was done for publicity. I was furious. Pretend the affair never happened? He had no right to distort the facts, because he no longer exists to tell the truth.

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