When Pawan Kalyan, who was busy in election campaign, fulfilled the wish of a fan, he helped a 12-year-old girl suffering from brain tumor like this

Pawan Kalyan, who is called a superstar in the South film industry, went to the hospital to meet a little girl to fulfill her wish. Let us tell you that Pawan Kalyan is contesting the Lok Sabha elections. He has filed nomination as a Lok Sabha candidate from Pithapuram seat. Actor turned politician Pawan Kalyan has not only cast his magic in films, but a lot of potential is also seen in him in the field of politics.

Pawan Kalyan’s little fan is suffering from brain tumor

Recently, a girl suffering from brain tumor expressed her desire to meet her favorite superstar. Pawan Kalyan was busy in election campaigning but as soon as he came to know about the girl, he left everything and went to meet her. Let us tell you that this 12-year-old girl’s name is Sreeja and she has brain tumor. The girl is admitted in a private hospital in Khamman for treatment. Sreeja was brought to Hyderabad by her parents for treatment. Here Sreeja expressed her desire to meet her favorite star Pawan Kalyan.

Pawan gave two lakh rupees for Sreeja’s treatment

When Pawan Kalyan got to know about Sreeja’s wish, he went to the hospital and met his lovely fan. However, Sreeja was not in a position to talk at that time. Pawan Kalyan became very sad seeing Sreeja’s condition. He tried to talk to Sreeja but Sreeja was not responding. After this, he talked to Sreeja’s parents and also discussed Sreeja’s health with the doctors. Pawan Kalyan gave two lakh rupees to Sreeja’s parents for her treatment and also gave some toys. Pawan assured Sreeja’s parents that he would help them in every possible way.

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