When Rajkumar made fun of Amitabh Bachchan in a crowded gathering, he called the expensive suit a curtain, then Big B…

Bollywood actor Rajkumar was known for his strong voice and excellent acting, and he was also in the news for his bold words and straight forward behavior. Rajkumar, who spent four decades in Bollywood, was a big name in the 70s-80s and the audience also liked his style very much. But due to Rajkumar’s different attitude, many people also avoided him. There are many such stories related to Rajkumar, knowing which you will also be surprised. One such story is also related to Amitabh Bachchan.

Amitabh was welcomed like this

Rajkumar used to speak anything directly without any hesitation. He did not think about how the other person would feel about his words. Once he did something with Amitabh Bachchan that left him stunned. According to reports, once Rajkumar had organized a party in which many big stars of Bollywood had come. Amitabh had also come to this party. Everyone was praising Amitabh after seeing his suit in the party. Rajkumar was noticing this.

Made fun of Amitabh’s suit!

When Amitabh came to meet Rajkumar, he also praised Big B’s suit. Rajkumar said that your suit is very good, where did you get it stitched from. Amitabh replied to this and asked whether you also want to get a suit like this stitched? Amitabh was stunned by what Rajkumar said in response to this question. Rajkumar said that I want to get some curtains stitched for my house, I liked the fabric of your suit. On hearing this answer, Amitabh left from there.

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