When the car door broke, the actress tried to sit on the front seat, shared the video and warned – no one will laugh

Anjana Singh, actress of films like Khoon Bhari Hamar Maang, Lahu Ke Do Rang, Bitiya Chali Mai Ke and Kasam Padakna Wali Ki 2, has shared a video on her Instagram account. In this video, Anjana Singh is seen doing something which may seem strange. But when you know the reason for this, you will understand the whole matter and will not shy away from praising him. Anjana Singh has shared a video on her Instagram account in which she is explaining a completely new way of sitting inside the car. This is a method that hardly anyone has adopted and it is possible that after seeing this, hardly anyone will adopt it. Now, what kind of funda is this, it can also be understood that while sharing its video, Anjana Singh has warned not to laugh.

Actress Anjana Singh has shared the video on Instagram. In this video, a car is parked and Anjana Singh tells that the door of this car does not open. Then she shows how to sit inside the car. She goes through the door of the car and sits on the front seat. In this way, she has been enjoying the car door not opening and is telling that she will leave like this also. In this way it can be understood what kind of situations the stars have to face during shooting. Anjana Singh wrote the caption with this video that unique style. Anjana Singh Style. No one will laugh.

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Fans are not tired of praising Anjana Singh’s way of sitting in the car. A fan has written that OMD, what a revolutionary way you sat in the car. A fan has written that we will also try this method, it is good. Not only this, fans are calling it Anjana Singh’s style while some fans are saying that maybe the door is not bad. Of course, whatever may be the reason, this video of Anjana Singh is definitely winning the hearts of the fans. These days Anjana Singh is shooting for the film Ghar Malki.

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