When these three actors became more famous than heroines after becoming girls, the film earned seven times the budget.

There are many Hindi films in which the hero has to take the form of a girl. By wearing proper saree or salwar suit or lehenga choli, those with macho look become hero girls. There are some films in which the hero is seen in the role of a girl throughout the film. Govinda’s Aunty Number One and Kamal Haasan’s Chachi 420 are examples of such films. But such films are rarely seen in which a tall, well built hero is made to wear a swim suit and take himself into the swimming pool. Dharmendra has one such film. In which not one but three heroes disguised themselves as girls and went to take a bath in the pool.

These three heroes became girls

This film was Tehelka, in which apart from Dharmendra, Naseeruddin Shah, Aditya Pancholi and Javed Jaffrey were seen in swim suits. Behind the scenes related to the film are present in a viral video related to this film. In which Naseeruddin Shah, Aditya Pancholi and Javed Jaffrey are becoming girls by applying lipstick and nail polish. Making fun of him, the makers of the film and Dharmendra say that he was also offered to become a girl but he refused. The three heroes dressed as girls have to go to the swimming pool. Have to go swimming with the girls. Only after this comes a hit song from the film, Meri Chhatri Ke Neeche Aaja…

this kind of preparation

For this role, Naseeruddin Shah was asked whether his image would be affected. In response to which he said that if he loses or gains weight for a film, he does not get such questions then why are such questions being asked when he becomes a girl. He also said that art films were not being made at that time and he was bored, so he thought of doing something different and did that role. In the same video, Javed Jaffrey can also be heard saying that for this role, all three of them noticed the body language and expressions of the girls very carefully. Then we can go somewhere and get ready for this. Talking about the budget, the budget of Rs 2.78 crore is said to have earned more than Rs 16 crore and the film became the fifth highest grosser film of 1992.

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