When this 17 crore film saved Akshay Kumar’s career, he started being called a flop hero after back to back bad films.

For the past few years, Akshay Kumar’s phase is going on such that the film is in the news but is not becoming a hit at the box office. The situation has been the same for almost three years that his films are flopping back to back. In these three years, the Bollywood player has appeared in ten different films. Even if we leave out Suryavanshi and OMG 2, the rest of the films come in the list of flops. But Akshay Kumar is not going through this bad phase for the first time. He has also seen that period when his films were continuously getting flopped and he was branded as a flop actor. Then a film changed his fortunes and he again became the number one player at the box office.

Fate changed with this film

Akshay Kumar’s name is taken among those stars who do four to five films in a year. And, every film does great business. His name is a guarantee that the film will be made in a low budget and will easily earn more than Rs 100 crore. The situation was different about two decades ago. Then Akshay Kumar started being known not as a Bollywood player but as a flop actor. Amidst the continuous flopping films, he was offered the film Ajnabee. Akshay Kumar was in the lead role in this film but not the hero. But, Akshay Kumar took the challenge of new image and his film became a hit.

Akshay Kumar became the villain

Apart from Akshay Kumar, Kareena Kapoor, Bipasha Basu and Bobby Deol were also in the film Ajnabee. Akshay Kumar was in a negative role. Despite this, he was liked a lot and the film became a huge hit. In the year 2001, this film was made for Rs 17 crore and it earned Rs 31.83 crore. After which the label of flop actor on Akshay Kumar was also removed. After this film, Akshay Kumar never looked back. And, he kept giving hit films year after year.

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