When this romantic hero fell in love with the student, they did a love marriage, but now…

There are some actors or actresses in Bollywood who play similar roles and that becomes their identity. And gradually their shine starts getting boring. And, there are some stars who know how to adapt to every role. Be it an action hero, comedy or romance, it suits every style. And, his name makes a lot of headlines from Bollywood to South Indian cinema too. One such star is R Madhavan. His name alone is enough to guess in which role he has proved to be a superhit. Although in Bollywood he got recognition from romantic roles and now he is afraid of romancing on screen.

Student Had a love marriage with

However, R Madhavan has no objection to romance. He has played the role of a romantic hero on the film screen. He must have been very romantic in real life also. Very few people know that R Madhavan has married one of his students. R Madhavan himself used to take classes in communication and public speaking after completing his studies. It was here that he met Sarita for the first time. R Madhavan could not say anything to Sharmilee but Sarita asked him for dinner. While she was his student. After this, the series of meetings increased, they fell in love and both got married.

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I feel scared of romance

R Madhavan, who has set an example of romance in real life, had made his mark through Maddy in the film Rehnaa Hai Terre Dil Mein. At that time he had emerged as an excellent romantic hero. Since then their fans want to see them doing the same romance. This time R Madhavan himself has said that now his image has become something different. He is afraid that he may play such a role that his fans will get angry with him. Therefore, he will do a romantic film only after getting the right script.

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