While dancing at the wedding, the wedding guests sank into the ground, then what the cameraman did, people were surprised, said – brother, this is amazing

Something strange is always seen in marriages. Many times such incidents happen in marriage, which people always remember. These incidents are so strange and scary that people remember them more than the marriage. We have brought one such video for you, after watching which you will be surprised and you will not know whether to feel sad or laugh. This wedding video is going viral on social media. Especially after seeing the cameraman present in the video, people started laughing hysterically.

Film weddings in Bollywood are shown like fairy tales. But if you see some marriages happening in real life, you will not be able to believe in marriage. You can see that there is an atmosphere of happiness in this video and everyone is dancing on the dance floor. Then suddenly something happens that everyone’s heartbeats stop. In fact, the ground breaks due to the weight of the people dancing on the dance floor. Due to breaking of the ground, all the wedding processions sink into the earth.

However, no one gets injured during this time. Even after the ground subsidence, people are unable to control their laughter after seeing the different angles and ways in which the cameraman tries to take the footage. Although this video is old but has once again come into discussion.

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Commenting on the video, a user wrote, “The cameraman is loyal.” While another user has written, “The work of a cameraman is very tough. The poor guy did not even care about his life.” In this way, people are getting tremendous reactions on this video. The song ‘Dil pe zakhm khate hain’ is playing in the background of the video.

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