Why Aamir Khan started being called Mr. Perfectionist, he himself told the story of tea

The Kapil Sharma Show has once again made people crazy by coming to Netflix. While the Kapoor family had added charm to the show in the first episode, the subsequent episodes of the show have made people crazy. This time something happened in Kapil’s latest episode which surprised people. Aamir Khan, who was not seen in any show or award function, reached Kapil Sharma’s show this time, where even his fans were surprised to see him.

In this show, Kapil asked many questions related to Aamir Khan’s career and his personal life. Aamir Khan, famous in the industry as Mr. Perfectionist, answered all the questions very well, out of which one question which would hardly have come to the mind of many people till date is how did he get the name Mr. Perfectionist? Kapil asked this question to Aamir Khan and Aamir also answered it. Aamir Khan told that veteran actress Shabana Azmi had given him the tag of ‘Mr. Perfectionist’.

Aamir Khan told that this incident happened in those days when he was shooting for the film ‘Dil’. The cameraman of this film was Baba Azmi (Shabana’s brother). One day he went to Baba Azmi’s house regarding film work. Everyone was talking about the script of the film. Then Shabana Azmi asked him how much sugar to put in the tea. But Aamir was so engrossed in the movie that it took him some time to understand Shabana’s question.

When Aamir understood the question, he looked at Shabana Azmi and asked, ‘How big is the cup?’ When Shabana Azmi showed him the cup, Aamir Khan asked her, ‘How big is the spoon?’ After this Aamir asked him to put a cup of sugar in the tea.

Aamir told that after this Shabana ji told this entire incident to everyone that when you ask Aamir for tea, he will be able to tell how much sugar is required in the tea only after seeing the cup and spoon and in the same way Aamir will be told ‘ Got the tag of ‘Mr Perfectionist’.

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