You might have never seen this childhood photo of Katrina Kaif, it is the wallpaper of Vicky Kaushal’s phone.

Vicky Kaushal Phone Wallpaper: Social media is filled with childhood pictures of Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif. Where you will find many cute photos of actresses. But there is a picture which you may not have seen on social media till now. The special thing is that Sam Bahadur actor Vicky Kaushal has posted this photo not on social media but on his mobile wallpaper. Seeing this cute picture, fans are saying that the actress has chosen the right man for herself.

During a session of GQ, when asked ‘What are the things Vicky Kaushal cannot live without?’, the actor said, phone is a very important part of his life. Your day starts with it and ends with it and it always stays with you. We are in a time where you cannot think of life without a phone. After this, he shows his phone screen for a few seconds, in which a cute childhood picture of Katrina Kaif can be seen.

In the photo, Katrina Kaif has made two ponytails and she is seen smiling. Fans are seen reacting to this cute video of the actor. One user wrote, Baby Katrina is very cute. The children of these two will also be very cute. Another user wrote, this is very cute, it would be very cute if my husband also does this.

During this segment, Vicky Kaushal called Katrina Kaif his house. He told GQ, I used to think that the day I would meet the person with whom I could sit quietly for hours and not feel that silence, that would be my love. With Katrina, it’s the same feeling. She’s at Home Since the early days of our dating, there was an excitement whenever we met and now, even after two and a half years of marriage, that feeling has not changed. And I am someone who has never been much of a romantic. But she makes me.

Let us tell you, Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif had a royal wedding in Rajasthan in the year 2021. These days there are reports that Katrina is pregnant. But official information has not been revealed yet.

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