You will be deceived after seeing this look-alike of Rajendra Kumar, he has the same smile, the same style, he acts in such a way that you too will get confused.

We get to see different types of content on social media. Especially related to Bollywood and entertainment, such content is seen that you don’t even ask. Many times we cannot believe our eyes whether we are looking at the real thing or a duplicate. Now you just watch this video, after watching it, it seems for a minute that we are watching Rajendra Kumar only, but it is not that handsome hero of Bollywood but Mohammad Parvez Bhati. Bhati is very active on social media and keeps sharing videos often. He has 61.5 thousand followers on Instagram. He has shared 134 posts so far and fans and followers like his videos and pictures on social media.

Danced on ‘Kaun hai jo sapno mein aaya’?

Parvez shared the last video on social media in the year 2022. In this video Parvez is seen performing on ‘Kaun Hai Jo Sapno Mein Aaya’. People liked this video very much. One wrote, you are the same Rajendra Kumar sir. One said, please brother, I want to meet you once. You really look like Rajendra Kumar. Please brother reply me. One wrote, Same to same Rajendra Kumar ji. Your smile is very cute sir. Very nice expressions. One wrote, very cute video. Sir you make very good videos.

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