You will forget Mirzapur and Sacred Games after watching this web series of Amazon Prime Video, its story and action are very dangerous.

Various types of web series are available on OTT. In which there are web series of many types of genres. If you are fond of watching web series. Mirzapur and Sacred Game can be considered among the best web series. So perhaps you have not seen a great web series from Amazon Prime Video. The fourth season of this web series is about to come. Recently, after the launch of its trailer, the wait has increased. Till now its three seasons have created a stir. Its story is quite powerful. Let us know about this web series available on OTT.

This web series is dangerous

The name of the web series we are talking about is ‘The Boys’. Its fourth season is coming on 13th June. Recently its new poster and release date has been announced. Dangerous action is shown in it. A lot of abusive words have also been said. This is the Hindi dub of the Hollywood series, whose story is excellent.

Strong star cast of The Boys

Actors like Disha Patani, Arjun Kapoor and Rajkumar Rao have dubbed in the Hindi version of this web series. You will also find ‘Mirzapur’ and ‘Sacred Game’ pale in front of this series. In its story there is a supervillain, who is born through a test tube baby. Many experiments are done and superpowers are added to it. Using this he pretends to be good but on the other hand he also keeps doing bad things.

This is how supervillains end

Persecuted people come forward to fight supervillains. For this, we eliminate it by doing scientific experiments on our body. The first season of ‘The Boys’ was released 5 years ago in July 2019. Its IMDb rating is 8.7. The second part of this series came in September, 2020 and the third in June, 2022. The rating of all three seasons is more than 8.5. The fourth season of ‘The Boys’ is going to come in June this year.

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