You will forget Salaar and KGF, such tremendous preparations were done for Kantara: Chapter 1, 600 people gathered for the film

Hombale Films is one of the biggest production houses in the country. They created a stir with the release of “Kantara” in 2022. The film depicts the magnificent story of Panjurli Deva, in which Rishab Shetty impressed everyone with his unforgettable performance. The film brought out Rishab’s brilliant acting talent in front of everyone, which literally made people believe that he is a divine person. In fact, the actor played the divine role with such dedication that it touched the hearts of the viewers. Although some people started seeing Rishab as a deity, the actor always remains humble about the praise.

In a recent interaction, Rishab talked about the audience’s reaction to his exit due to his role as a Daiva in Kantara. He said, “I really don’t know how to react to all this. It’s been almost two years since Kantara released.” He further added, “At many events, many people come up to me and touch my feet and show me a lot of respect. When such things happen, I have no words to say. I am not a god: I am just an actor. What you saw in Kantara was my character. That person is not me. I am thankful to the gods and people for showering so much love on me. But treat me like an artist. There should be respect for the gods!”

Further, the actor shared an update on the developments related to ‘Kantara: Chapter 1’ and said, “A team of 600 people have been working tirelessly for four months in my home town Keradi to build the sets for Kantara Chapter 1. I haven’t got a single moment of rest, but I have no complaints!”

He further added, “Given the high expectations of the audience for Kanthara Chapter 1, we have decided to focus completely on making sure that the visuals of the film are a stunning experience for everyone. For the parts that require VFX, we are working with the best. Hence, the studio that has worked on films like Lion King and The Chronicles of Narnia has come on board. The work has been divided and thus work is being done at a rapid pace across the world including the US, UK and Bengaluru.”

With Kantara, Hombale Films delivered a spectacular success story. They not only won the hearts of the audience but also dominated the box office. The film’s stupendous success brought India into the global spotlight with a story that is dear to the hearts of the country. Meanwhile, Hombale Films has an exciting lineup of films, including Kantara Chapter 1 and Salaar Part 2: Shouryanga Parvam.

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