You will get dizzy after seeing the old picture of Akshay Kumar, people said – this is the second Anil Kapoor.

Bollywood actors gather as much headlines from their photo shoots as they do in films. This photoshoot could be for a fashion house. For some ad and for the cover shoot of some film magazine. Actually, these photoshoots are beautiful and stylish. But sometimes there are those who are big odds. Even Akshay Kumar could not escape from such an odd photoshoot in the nineties, seeing which at first you would not believe that he is the same Akshay Kumar of today and maybe you might not even believe that Akshay once looked like this. Were.

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Akshay Twinkle’s photoshoot

When it comes to fitness, the first name of any Bollywood star that comes to mind is Akshay Kumar who is very stylish and fit too. But a photoshoot from his old days might change your thinking. Akshay Kumar is with Twinkle Khanna in this photoshoot. In the photo shoot, Akshay Kumar has worn black attire in which he is wearing trousers but has carried the shirt in such a way that he looks bare body from above or we can say shirtless. He is wearing a thick layered gold chain around his neck and is wearing spectacles. Also there is Twinkle Khanna who is in a shimmery black dress.

Is it Akshay Kumar or Anik Kapoor?

Fans are surprised to see Akshay Kumar’s body in this photo shoot. A fan wrote that Akshay Kumar would have looked better if he was a little thinner. Seeing the chest hair, a fan wrote how much hair there is. In the 90s, this is how the hair of actors used to get messed up in shirtless photoshoots. This photo of Akshay Kumar is also reminiscent of the same. One user also wrote that Akshay Kumar looked very different in the nineties.

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