You will laugh after seeing the Hindi translation of the names of these popular web series of Netflix, will you be able to tell the real name after reading the Hindi name?

Many web series are released every day on the OTT platform. Sometimes Bollywood, sometimes Hollywood and sometimes Korean. Sometimes the names of these series are simple and sometimes their names are in English. If you translate these names into Hindi, you will laugh. Imagine how it would be if this series was released with Hindi names only. There are some such series of Netflix whose names are changed to Hindi. Let us tell you their funny Hindi names.

vampire stories
There have been many seasons of The Vampire Diaries and fans were always waiting for its next season. Imagine what its name would be if it was translated into Hindi. The Vampire Diaries has been described as vampire stories,

Two seasons of Rohit Saraf and Prajakta Koli’s web series Mismatched have arrived and now fans are waiting for the third. The translation of its name has been changed.

never done before
If you hear the name of the series Never Have I Ever in Hindi, you will laugh. Its Hindi name will be ‘never done before’. Which sounds quite strange. Imagine, if the name of your favorite series becomes strange then the fun of watching it will be spoiled.

bat man
Batman is a great movie. But if you listen to the Hindi translation of Batman, you will burst out laughing. Batman has been translated into Hindi as Bat Man.

stranger things
Even now people watch Stranger Things whenever they get a chance. This is one of the most famous series. Its name translates to Strange Events.

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3 physical problems
Whereas Three Body Problems has been translated as 3 physical problems. Whereas Good Grief has been named Haseen Dard.

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