Younger Anu aka Aadhya will face Anupama, fans after watching the promo said – it has become nonsense…

Anupama Serial New Promo: After a leap of five years in Rupali Ganguly, Gaurav Khanna and Sudhanshu Pandey starrer Anupama serial, the new twist of the story is increasing the anger of the people. However, the new beginning of Anupama’s life is definitely making the fans happy. But in the upcoming episode, Anupama will once again have to face the hatred of Aadhya i.e. younger Anu, seeing a glimpse of which the anger of the fans has once again reached the seventh sky.

A new promo of the serial has come out, in which Anupama is once again happy about the new beginning of the cafe. A lot of preparations are being seen there. Meanwhile, younger Anu i.e. Aadhya enters and she says that Anuj and she have moved ahead in their lives. And Anuj is going to get married soon, so why have you come here now. On the other hand, Anupama is seen getting emotional after seeing her daughter. But Aadhya’s anger seems to be flowing towards him like fire.

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While sharing this promo, it was written in the caption on the Instagram page of Star Plus, mother and daughter have finally met after many years. But will Anupama be able to clear the misunderstandings in Aadhya’s mind? After watching this promo, a user wrote, feeling bad for Anupama. She has no other good child except Samar. Another user wrote, we too do not like this girl. The third user wrote, little Anu has become over-acting. The fourth user wrote, nonsense has happened. The fifth user wrote, this has become too much. Choti Anu…Anuj and no one leaves the one they love without any reason.

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