‘Adani Green Energy’ gallery opened in the Science Museum of London: Here the ways to deal with the problems of climate change will be showcased.

The Science Museum of London has opened the Adani Green Energy Gallery today i.e. on 26 March. This gallery showcases information about environmental sustainability, transformative technology and climate science. This is a free gallery. Speaking at the inauguration of the gallery named ‘Energy Revolution: The Adani Green Energy Gallery’, Adani Group Chairman Gautam Adani said, ‘We are proud to partner with the Science Gallery under the leadership of Sir Timothy Lawrence and Sir Ian Blatchford. It is because of this partnership that this astonishing gallery has been created. Which will mainly explain how renewable energy can be used to avoid the problems of climate change. In another post that will remind you of the power of sun and wind, Gautam Adani wrote, ‘The announcement of making this gallery was made in 2021. We are excited to support this energy revolution. The new gallery will show how we can energy the future through low carbon technologies. It will remind us of the power of sun and wind in our everyday lives. Contemporary and Historical Exhibitions The gallery houses contemporary and historical exhibitions from the UK and abroad, interactive digital exhibitions and specially commissioned models. The ‘Future Planet’ section of the gallery showcases the complex computer-based models used by scientists to learn about planets. Sagar Adani said – Adani wants to inspire new minds. Executive Director of Adani Green Energy, Sagar Adani said, ‘Through the sponsorship of this gallery, we want to inspire new minds, scientists and innovators to think about the project of creating a clean energy and carbon-free world. Want to inspire to work. This is an initiative to stimulate their interest, curiosity and awareness and encourage their active participation in building clean technology.

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