Ambuja Cement’s fourth-quarter net profit increased by 6% to ₹ 532 crore: Company’s income increased by 12%, company will pay dividend of Rs 2 per share.

Ambuja Cement released the results for Q4FY24 i.e. the fourth quarter of financial year 2024 on Wednesday (May 1). In the January-March quarter, the company’s net profit increased by 6% on annual basis (YoY) to ₹ 532.29 crore. In the same quarter last year (Q4FY23), the company’s net profit was ₹502.40 crore. Whereas, earlier in the third quarter the company had made a profit of Rs 513.68 crore. The company’s revenue (income) from operations during the fourth quarter stood at ₹4,780 crore, which is 12% higher on an annual basis. Last year, the company had an income of ₹4,780 crore in Q4FY23. Ambuja Cement announced a dividend of Rs 2. The Board of Directors of Ambuja Cement has also approved a dividend of Rs 2 per share. Companies give some part of the profits to their shareholders, it is called dividend. Consolidated revenue increased by 11.64% to Rs 8,893.99 crore. In the fourth quarter, the company’s consolidated revenue from operations increased by 11.64% on an annual basis to Rs 8,893.99 crore. In the same period of the last financial year, it was Rs 7,965.98 crore. The company’s consolidated revenue in the last quarter (Q3FY24) was ₹8,128.80 crore. That means the company’s revenue has increased by 9.41% on quarterly basis (QoQ). Increase of 56.66% in profits in the entire financial year. An increase of 56.66% has been recorded in the consolidated profits of the company in the entire financial year. The consolidated profit of the company in FY24 was Rs 4,738.01 crore. In the last financial year i.e. FY23, the profit of Ambuja Cement was Rs 3,024.38 crore. Ambuja Cement’s share gave 56.93% return in one year. On Tuesday, a day before the results, Ambuja Cement’s share closed at Rs 618.95 with a decline of 1.70%. With this, the market cap of the bank has also reached Rs 1.36 lakh crore. The company’s shares have fallen 0.41% in the last one month. Its share has increased by 52.21% in the last six months. In the last one year, it gave 56.93% returns to investors.

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