Amul milk became costlier by 2 rupees after 15 months: Gold will be available at Rs 66 and fresh at Rs 54 per liter, new prices will be applicable from tomorrow

The price of Amul milk has been increased by Rs 2 per liter. Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF) has said that the prices of Amul Gold, Amul Shakti and Amul Fresh have been increased. The new milk prices will come into effect from tomorrow (Monday) morning. The Federation said in a statement that the price of milk is being increased due to increase in the total cost of operation and production. An increase of Rs 2 per liter means that the MRP will increase by 3-4%. He said that due to increase in input cost, our member unions have increased the price of milk purchased from farmers by 6-8% compared to last year. Amul gives about 80 paise to milk producers out of every rupee paid by consumers. The prices were last increased in February 2023 Amul has increased the price of milk after 15 months. Earlier in February 2023, there was an increase of Rs 3 per liter. Regarding the increase in milk prices, Amul had said, ‘The price of animal feed alone has increased by about 20% compared to last year. Due to the increase in input costs, our member union has increased the price of milk purchased from farmers by 8-9% compared to last year.’

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