Bill Gates interviewed Modi: PM said – When a child is born in our country, he speaks both ‘I’ and AI; broadcast today

In our country, when a child is born, I (mother) also speaks and AI (Artificial Intelligence) also speaks. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said this during an interview with Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates. This interview will be broadcast today. Its theme is ‘From AI to Digital Payments’. News agency ANI released its teaser on social media platform X on Thursday (28 March). In the teaser, Prime Minister Modi is seen discussing with Bill Gates on issues including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Digital Revolution, Healthcare, Education, Agriculture, Women Power, Climate Change and Governance. Didn’t know how to ride a bicycle, today is driving a drone. During the interview, Bill Gates tells PM Modi, ‘India’s theme in the field of technology is that technology should be for everyone.’ To this PM Modi said, ‘A woman in a village will graze buffalo, graze cows, milk milk… no. I want to give technology in his hands. These days I talk to Drone Didi. She feels so happy, she says that we did not know how to ride a bicycle, today we have become pilots, operating drones. PM showed his jacket to Bill Gates. On the question of climate change, PM showed his jacket to Bill Gates and told that it is made of recycled material. He said, ‘We had made the parameters of progress climate friendly, today all the parameters of our progress are anti-climate friendly.’ On the question of making the vaccine during the Corona period and distributing it across the country and the world, the PM said, ‘Educate the people and take them along. This is not a virus vs government, this is a fight of life vs virus. In the end, PM Modi said, ‘I enjoyed it very much and got a chance to chat on many topics.’ Bill Gates is the 7th richest person in the world. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is the 7th richest person in the world. According to Forbes, his net worth is 131.3 billion dollars, about 10.94 lakh crore rupees. Bill Gates founded Microsoft in 1975. He held the post of CEO in the company till 2000. Bill Gates met PM Modi during his visit to India. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates had recently visited India. During this, he met Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Delhi on March 1, 2024. Many global issues and needs for change were discussed between the two. Click here to read the full news…

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