Elon Musk’s India tour postponed: Musk was to come to India on April 21, was to meet PM Modi

SpaceX and Tesla owner Elon Musk’s visit to India has been postponed. According to media reports, it is not yet known why this has happened. However, according to people associated with the matter, Musk has to participate in a conference call in the US on April 23 to answer questions related to Tesla’s first quarter performance. In such a situation, this could be a reason. Musk was to come to India on 21-22 April. Earlier there was news that Elon Musk would be in India on 21 and 22 April. During this time he will also meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Apart from this, Tesla CEO and his team will meet government officials and industry representatives. Looking forward to meeting PM Narendra Modi: Musk Musk shared a post on social media platform Modi and Musk have met twice so far, this will be Musk’s first visit to India. Musk can also announce Tesla’s manufacturing plant in India during this time. Modi and Musk have met twice so far. Both of them met in 2015 at the Tesla factory in California. After this, both of them met in New York in June 2023. Musk will invest 2-3 billion dollars in India CNBC-TV18 reported that Elon Musk will announce plans to invest 2-3 billion dollars in India. Tesla not only wants to manufacture cars for India, but also wants to export them from here to the global market. Apart from this, Musk can also start satellite based broadband services in India soon. CNBC-TV18 reported that regulatory approvals for Starlink are in the final stage and the company is expected to get the license soon. Musk said – India should also have EV like other countries. Musk had said on X this week that there should be electric cars in India, like there are in every other country. It has become necessary to make Tesla electric vehicles available in India. Musk is coming to India at a time when elections are to be held here. At present, EV demand has slowed down in the American and Chinese markets. Tesla is also facing competition from Chinese vehicles.

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