Everest curry spice recalled from the market in Singapore: More than the limit ethylene oxide was found in the spice, it is a type of pesticide.

Singapore authorities have issued a recall order for Everest’s fish curry masala. This has been done due to the quantity of ethylene oxide exceeding the limit. Ethylene oxide is a pesticide. Singapore imports this spice from India. The Singapore Food Agency (SFA) directed importer SP Muthiah & Sons to initiate the recall process. The products of Indian company Everest are supplied to more than 80 countries. Use of ethylene oxide is not allowed in sterilization of spices. Ethylene oxide is used to prevent microbial contamination in agricultural products. Under Singapore’s Food Regulations, ethylene oxide is permitted to be used in the sterilization of spices. SFA advised consumers not to use these spices. Singapore Food Agency (SFA) said in the advisory – Consumers who have purchased the affected products are advised not to use them. Additionally, people who have consumed the affected products are advised to seek medical guidance. The business was started in 200 square feet, now Vadilal Bhai, a big manufacturer of spices, registered the Everest brand in 1967 and started his spice business with 200 square feet. Today, Everest is the largest manufacturer of spices in India. Everest sells spices like garam masala, chole masala, fish curry under its own brand.

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