Extra sugar in Nestle Baby Foods within the prescribed limit: Chairman said – up to 13.6 grams allowed in 100 grams of feed, only 7.1 grams in Cerelac.

FMCG company Nestle has given its clarification on the matter of adding extra sugar in baby product ‘Cerelac’. The company has said that it does not violate any rules in India. Nestle India Chairman and Managing Director (MD) Suresh Narayan said that the sugar content in Nestle Cerelac sold in India is within the limits set by food regulator FSSAI. Suresh told that according to local standards (FSSAI), the maximum amount of extra sugar in 100 grams of feed (cerelac) should be 13.6 grams, whereas in Nestle baby food it is 7.1 grams. He said, ‘I want to make it clear that there is nothing in this product that poses any kind of risk or harm to the child.’ MD said that the allegations of adding extra sugar in poor countries are wrong. On the allegations of adding extra sugar in poor countries, Narayan said that both ‘extra sugar’ products and ‘no added sugar’ products are available in the markets of Asia and Europe. It is up to the parents of the children whom they choose. There was talk of extra sugar in Public Eye’s report. This month, Switzerland’s ‘Public Eye’ and the International Baby Food Action Network (IBFAN) had said in their report that Nestle is using baby milk and milk sold in poor countries of Asia and Africa including India. Food products like Cerelac add added sugar and honey. The company had said that it follows local standards. After the arrival of this report, the central government had asked for an investigation into the matter. Stock exchanges (BSE, NSE) had also sought clarification from the company on the matter. In which the company said, baby food comes in highly controlled category. We comply with local laws and international standards wherever we operate. 4 things about ‘Public Eye’ and IBFAN’s report… Also read this news… Report- Extra sugar in Nestle’s baby foods: Center said- Investigation will be conducted; Shares of the company fell by 3%, loss of ₹ 8,137 crore. It has come to light that extra sugar was found in the baby foods products of FMCG company Nestle, after which the Central Government has asked for an investigation. In fact, Switzerland’s Public Eye and International Baby Food Action Network (IBFAN) have said in their report that Nestle adds extra sugar and honey to food products like baby milk and cerelac sold in countries of Asia and Africa including India. Click here to read the full news…

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