Gemini 1.5-Pro ​​launched in ‘Google I/O’ event: Google’s new feature ‘Ask Photos’ introduced, AI-powered results will be available in Google search.

Google’s annual developer conference ‘Google I/O 2024’ event took place on Tuesday (May 14). Google did not launch any new device in this event this year. The company’s main focus was on Gemini and AI features. Company CEO Sundar Pichai started the event. He said, ‘Gemini 1.5 Pro has now been made available to developers and consumers globally. Not only this, consumers will get 2 million tokens instead of 1-million in Advanced Gemini. Along with this, Google introduced many features including AI powered search, on-device AI, real-time scam protection, AI video model – VEO and Imagen 3. Let us know about some special features introduced in this event. The AI-powered search ‘Circle to Search’ feature is being expanded to more Android devices. According to Google, this feature is available on more than 100 million devices. This tool allows users to instantly access AI-powered searches. On-Device AI On-device AI capabilities are being enhanced to protect sensitive data stored on Android phones. Google claims that this approach ensures that data processing happens locally on the device, thereby enhancing security and privacy. Real-Time Scam Protection Google is currently testing a feature that alerts users about potential scams. If you receive a scam call, the system can identify and warn you in real-time, helping you avoid potential fraud. Google’s new generative AI video model – VEO Google announced its generative video AI model Veo. This model can create 1080p video from text prompts in different cinematic styles, which can be edited using the prompt. This model will be on the VideoFX platform. Ask Photos Google’s new feature, Ask Photos, will launch this summer. After this, additional capabilities will also be added to it. This feature allows Google Photos to answer questions like “Show me how my daughter’s swimming progressed.” For this, he searches photos using Gemini and creates their collection. Image 3 for photorealism Image 3 is an AI model that provides better photorealism and more detail. According to Google’s Doug, through this a person will also be able to count the whiskers of a wolf. Sign-ups for Imagen 3 begin today on ImageFX and will be available to developers and enterprise customers soon. Project Astra announced Google has announced Project Astra. Google DeepMind CEO Demis Hassabi says that it is a universal agent for everyday life and that is why Gemini will be multimodal. Demis said the speed and quality of conversation with Astra feels natural. Gen AI for Google Search Introducing Generative AI for Google Search, Sundar Pichai said, ‘Google Search is generative AI on the scale of human curiosity.’ The Gemini model has been specially designed for search and AI overview. Gemini 1.5 Flash Gemini 1.5 Flash was also introduced at this event, it is a lightweight model. The company has made it faster and cost efficient as compared to the Pro model. Both models support up to one million tokens. Gemini 1.5 Flash is extensively engineered for speed and cost efficiency. Gemini AI will support 68 languages. Google has integrated its latest AI Gemini 1.5 Pro in the right sidebar of workspace apps like Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drive and Gmail. This virtual assistance will have access to all your saved details. Apart from this, Gemini AI will support 68 languages ​​in Google Meet. These announcements were also made at the event… This Google event was organized at the Shoreline Amphitheater. This Google event was organized at the Shoreline Amphitheater located in Mountain Views, California. This event started at 10.30 pm Indian time. It was livestreamed on the company’s YouTube channel and social media handles. Earlier reports had said that the company can launch Google Pixel Fold 2, Wear OS-5 and Google TV in this event, but Google did not launch all this. This event of Google happens every year. The company’s Gemini was earlier known as Bard. Google wants to gradually extend its Gemini AI to every application. Google’s I/O event was held for the first time in 2008. Google has been organizing this event every year since 2008. Through this, the company introduces new technology among the people along with many new gadgets. Google launched its first foldable phone ‘Pixel Fold’ at this event last year. Google launched its first foldable phone Pixel Fold, Gemini AI tool, Pixel 7A smartphone and Pixel tablet at the ‘Google I/O 2023’ event last year. Was.

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