Indigo Airline’s profit increased by 106% in the fourth quarter: it was Rs 1894.8 crore, the share gave a return of 94.05% in one year.

Low-cost airline IndiGo’s profit in the fourth quarter (January-March) of FY 2024 has increased by 106% year-on-year (YoY) to Rs 1894.8 crore. The company’s consolidated net profit in the same quarter a year ago was ₹ 919.20 crore. Consolidated revenue from operations of IndiGo has increased by 25.9% on an annual basis. Revenue from operations stood at ₹17,825.27 crore in Q4FY24. Revenue in the same quarter a year ago i.e. fourth quarter of FY23 was ₹14,160.6 crore. Indigo shares closed 1.08% higher at Rs 4,403. The stock has given a return of 71.43% in 6 months. It has increased by 94.05% in one year. InterGlobe Aviation, the company that operates Indigo airline, has released its quarterly and annual results today on May 23. The consolidated profit of Indigo, which became profitable in the financial year 2024, became ₹ 8,172 crore for the entire financial year 2024. The airline had suffered a loss of Rs 305 crore in FY 2023. Revenue increased by 26% in FY 2024 IndiGo’s consolidated revenue increased to ₹ 68,904 crore in FY 2024. Revenue in FY 2023 was ₹54,446 crore. That means there has been an increase of 26.55% in revenue. 235.97 lakh people traveled during the quarter The airline carried 235.97 lakh people during the quarter, accounting for 60.3% market share. In the year-ago period, IndiGo carried 209.07 lakh passengers with a market share of 55.7%. Consolidated i.e. report of the entire company. The results of the companies come in two parts – standalone and consolidated. Standalone shows the financial performance of only one unit. Whereas, in the consolidated financial report, the entire company is reported. IndiGo is India’s largest airline by market share. It was founded in 2006 by Rahul Bhatia and Rakesh Gangwal. It operates more than 2000 flights daily. Indigo flights operate on more than 80 domestic destinations and more than 30 international destinations. It connects 110+ destinations. The airline has a fleet of more than 320 aircraft.

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