JSW Steel’s fourth-quarter profit declined by 65% ​​to ₹ 1,299 crore: 1.47% decline in income on an annual basis, company will pay dividend of ₹ 7.30 per share.

JSW Steel Limited’s Q4FY24 (January-March) profit declined 65% year-on-year (YoY) to ₹1,299 crore. The company’s consolidated net profit in the same quarter a year ago was ₹3,664 crore. JSW Steel has released its fourth quarter and annual results today i.e. on May 17. The company has announced a final dividend of ₹ 7.30 per share to its investors for the financial year 2024. Companies give some part of the profits to their shareholders, it is called dividend. JSW Steel gave 30% return in one year. After the results, JSW Steel shares closed at ₹ 901.50 with a rise of about 1.70%. It has given 30.27% returns in the last one year. The market cap of the company is Rs 2.21 lakh crore. Income declined by 1.47% on an annual basis. Consolidated revenue from operations of JSW Steel declined by 1.47% on an annual basis. Revenue from operations stood at ₹46,269 crore in Q4FY24. Revenue in the same quarter a year ago i.e. fourth quarter of FY23 was ₹46,962 crore. Company’s profit increased by 112% in FY 2024 JSW Steel’s consolidated profit increased by 112% to ₹ 8,812 crore in FY 2024. The profit in FY 2023 was ₹4,144 crore. Revenue in FY 2024 stood at ₹ 1.75 lakh crore, while JSW Steel’s consolidated revenue from operations in FY 2024 increased to ₹ 1.75 lakh crore. Revenue in FY 2023 was ₹1.65 lakh crore. That means revenue has increased by 6.06%. What is standalone and consolidated? The results of companies come in two parts – standalone and consolidated. Standalone shows the financial performance of only one unit. Whereas, in the consolidated financial report, the entire company is reported. Here, JSW Steel has 46 subsidiaries, 12 joint ventures and 2 associates. The financial reports of all these will be called consolidated. Whereas, the separate result of JSW Steel will be called standalone.

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