Label claims on packaged food can be misleading: ICMR said – Consumers should read the information given on the products carefully.

Indian Council of Medical Research i.e. ICMR has said that the label claims on packaged food can be misleading. Health research body ICMR also said that consumers should read the information given on packaged food carefully, so that they are informed and can choose healthy options for themselves. Sugar-free foods can be full of fat. ICMR also said that sugar-free foods can be full of fat. Whereas packed fruit juice contains only 10% fruit pulp. In its recently released dietary guidelines, ICMR said that health claims on packaged food are designed only to grab the attention of consumers and tell them that the product is healthy. The information given on the label can be misleading. Hyderabad-based National Institute of Nutrition (NIN) under top health research body ICMR has released dietary guidelines for Indians on Wednesday. “The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has strict standards, but the information on labels can be misleading,” NIN said. Giving some examples, NIN said a food product can be called ‘natural’ if it does not contain added colours, flavors and artificial substances and undergoes minimal processing. Labels, ingredients and other information should be read carefully NIN said, ‘The word natural is used often. This term is often used by manufacturers to identify one or two natural ingredients in their mixed products and can be misleading. NIN said people should read labels, ingredients and other information carefully to cross-check claims. Also read this news… News about approval of 10-times more pesticides in spices is baseless: FSSAI said – Less pesticides are allowed than the prescribed standards, investigation of all spices continues. Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has banned all those media. Has refuted the reports, in which it was being claimed that the Indian Food Controller allows mixing of 10 times more pesticides in herbs and spices than the prescribed standard. Read the full news…

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