Lawsuit against Apple in America regarding iPhone monopoly: Company said – Based on facts and law, this is wrong, we will defend it.

The US Department of Justice has filed a lawsuit against tech company Apple on Thursday. In it, the iPhone manufacturer has been accused of illegally establishing a monopoly in the smartphone market through excessive costs and reducing competition. The department alleged that Apple uses its market power to make more money from consumers, developers, content creators, artists, publishers, small businesses and merchants. The department also alleges that the policies adopted by Apple are hurting consumers and small companies that compete with some of Apple’s services. Apple said – This lawsuit is wrong based on facts and law. US Attorney General Merrick Garland said, ‘Consumers should not have to pay higher prices because companies violate antitrust laws. If this is not challenged, Apple will continue to consolidate its smartphone monopoly. Apple has said that this lawsuit is wrong based on facts and law, and we will defend it. The company said in a statement that if the lawsuit is successful, it would “set a dangerous precedent, giving the government the right to impose strict laws on people’s technology design.”

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