Market rises today after yesterday’s fall: Sensex 500 and Nifty gain more than 150 points, Hindustan Unilever shares rise 5%

The stock market is witnessing a rise today i.e. on 5th June. Sensex is trading at the level of 72,600 with a gain of more than 600 points. Nifty is also up by more than 150 points. It is trading at the level of 22,100. Hindustan Unilever’s stock is witnessing a gain of 5%. Hero MotoCorp’s stock is also up by more than 4% today. Hindalco’s stock is down by more than 4%. Yesterday, the Sensex had fallen by 4,389 points. Yesterday, i.e. on 4th June, on the day of the Lok Sabha election results, the Sensex closed at the level of 72,079 with a fall of 4389 points (5.74%). Nifty also fell by 1,379 points (5.93%), it closed at the level of 21,884. Out of 30 Sensex stocks, 25 fell and 5 stocks rose. Shares of NTPC and SBI fell by around 15%. Shares of LT, Power Grid are down by more than 12%. On the other hand, shares of Hindustan Unilever rose by around 5.74%. Yesterday was the biggest fall since 2020 Yesterday was the biggest fall in the market after May 2020. Then the market fell by 5.94% due to Corona. On 30 April, the Sensex was at the level of 33,717, which fell by 2002 points to 31,715 on 4 May. The stock market was closed on 1, 2 and 3 May 2020. Last day of Chronox Lab Sciences’ IPO Today is the last day of Chronox Lab Sciences Limited’s Initial Public Offer i.e. IPO. It opened on 3 June. For this IPO, the retail investor will have to apply for a minimum of one lot i.e. 110 shares. The company has fixed the price band of the IPO at ₹129- ₹136 per share. If you apply for 1 lot as per the upper price band of the IPO of ₹136, then you will have to pay ₹14,960. Retail investors can bid for a maximum of 13 lots i.e. 1430 shares, for which ₹194,480 will have to be invested.

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