Patanjali Soan Papdi failed in quality test: Court sentenced 3 employees to jail, samples were collected from a shop in 2019

A court in Uttarakhand has sentenced three employees of the company to six months in jail in a case related to the failure of Patanjali’s Soan Papdi in the quality test. This punishment has been given under Section 59 of the Food Safety and Standards Act 2006. These three people include Abhishek Kumar, Assistant General Manager, Patanjali Food and Herbal Park, Laksar, Ajay Joshi, Assistant Manager, Kanha Ji Distributor Private Limited, Ramnagar; And shopkeeper Leeladhar Pathak is included. Chief Magistrate of Pithoragarh, Sanjay Singh has pronounced this sentence. Samples of Cardamom Soan Papdi had failed in the test. On September 17, 2019, Pithoragarh District Food Safety Officer collected samples of Patanjali Navratna Cardamom Soan Papdi from a shop in Berinag market. They had failed the quality test in a lab in Rudrapur. After this, a case was registered against these three. While the ban on the license of Patanjali’s medicines was lifted, two days ago the Uttarakhand government put a stay on its order in which the license of 14 products of Patanjali Ayurveda and Divya Pharmacy was cancelled. On Friday (May 17), the state government put an interim stay on this order. The government has put its order on hold after a preliminary investigation report was presented by a high level committee. Pankaj Kumar Pandey, Secretary, Ministry of AYUSH, Government of Uttarakhand, has given this information in an order. Manufacturing license was suspended on April 30. On April 30, Uttarakhand government had suspended the manufacturing license of 14 products of Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali Ayurveda and Divya Pharmacy. The licensing authority of the Uttarakhand government had also issued an order to ban the products. It was said in it that the license of the company has been stopped due to repeatedly publishing misleading advertisements about the products of Patanjali Ayurveda. The committee said – the law was not followed in the process of canceling the license. The committee said in its report that the order to suspend the license of the products was illegal and should not have been done in the manner in which the licensing authority had passed this order. Was Needed. The license was canceled without following the procedure laid down by law, hence this committee is submitting its report to the Uttarakhand government, so that the right decision can be taken.

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