PM said- The market will set a record on June 4: People have faith in the economy, demat accounts increased from 2.3 crores to 15 crores in 10 years

In an interview to Economic Times, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, ‘I can say with confidence that on June 4, as soon as BJP touches record numbers, the stock market will also reach new record highs. The positive effect of this statement is visible on the market. Modi said- The trust that the stock market has in us is evident from its performance over the last decade. When we took charge, the Sensex was around 25,000 points. Today, it is around 75,000 points. Recently, we reached a market cap of 5 trillion dollars for the first time. PM Modi’s statement is also showing its effect on the market. The market opened flat in the morning, but now it is trading above 75,000, up by about 700 points. Nifty has also set a new record of 22,852 in the day’s trading. It is trading up by 232 points. Demat accounts increased from 2.3 crore to 15 crore in 10 years Talking about the last 10 years and two terms of the BJP government, he said, ‘If you just look at the number of demat accounts, you will understand how citizens have started showing faith in the Indian economy. The number of demat accounts has increased from 2.3 crore to now over 15 crore. The number of mutual fund investors has increased from 1 crore to 4.5 crore. Domestic investors have become more active and are playing a more important role in our markets than ever before. Pro-market reforms made investing in the stock market easier PM Modi also said that it has become easier for investors to invest in the stock markets as our investors are well aware of the pro-market reforms we have implemented. These reforms have created a strong and transparent financial ecosystem.

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