Shark-Tank sent legal notice to startup ‘Dorje Teas’: T-Company had used the clip of the show in its ad, accused of copyright violation.

The makers of Sony’s upcoming reality show Shark Tank India have sent a legal notice to startup tea-company Dorje Teas for copyright infringement. Sparsh Aggarwal, co-founder of Dorje Teas himself gave this information. The startup used clips from the show’s pitch in its YouTube and meta ads. Sparsh Aggarwal said in a LinkedIn post that he faced legal action for copyright infringement for using clips from his own pitch on the show in its YouTube and meta ads. Notice has been received. He said that every startup that has appeared on Shark Tank has now been cracked down on. Sparsh said he thought copyright regulations supported it, but he didn’t know they would. Dorje Teas is a subscription-based tea firm that supplies farm-fresh organic Darjeeling tea to consumers across the country. Aggarwal said businesses like Beyond Snacks, Wakao Foods, Nasher Miles, Dorje Teas, Huvu Fresh, Assembly, Skippy, Perfora and many others spend thousands of dollars each month promoting content on Shark Tank, providing free visibility and brand exposure. Shark Tank benefits India by providing recalls. Totally against the initiative to promote small startups Sparsh further said that it is completely against the initiative to promote small startups. Sparsh called it a bad business option made by some executive or legal person of Sony. Sparsh said, ‘Shark Tank Season 3’s focus has been on creating a new India and supporting the startup environment in India.’ He asked in a selfie video, ‘But how will a new India be created like this?’ ‘Shark Tank India’ is the Indian adaptation of the American show ‘Shark Tank’. This was the third season of Shark Tank India, which ended on 31 March. This is the Indian adaptation of the American show ‘Shark Tank’. The show gives budding entrepreneurs the opportunity to pitch their products and services to a panel of investors and sharks. After this the sharks decide to invest in the entrepreneurs’ companies. The first season of Shark Tank India ran from December 2021 to February 2022, while the second season began in January 2023 and ended in March 2023. Its third season started from 22 January 2024.

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