Stock market fell for the fourth consecutive day: Sensex slipped more than 200 points, Tata Steel shares fell more than 2%

The stock market is witnessing a decline today i.e. on 30 May. The Sensex is trading at the level of 74,350, slipping more than 200 points. At the same time, Nifty has also fallen by more than 50 points. It is trading at the level of 22,600. This is the fourth consecutive day when the stock market is declining. Today there is a big decline in metal and energy shares. Tata Steel’s stock is witnessing a decline of more than 2%. Decline in the US market The US market witnessed a decline on Wednesday. The Dow Jones closed 1.06% down at 38,441.54. At the same time, SP closed 0.74% down and Nasdaq closed 0.58% down. At the same time, the Asian market is also witnessing a decline today. There was a decline in the market yesterday Earlier, yesterday i.e. on 29 May, there was a decline in the stock market. The Sensex closed 667 points down at the level of 74,502. At the same time, Nifty also fell by 183 points. It closed at the level of 22,704.

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