Tesla’s full-self driving software will be launched in China soon: Company got permission during Musk’s visit, deal signed with Chinese company Baidu

Elon Musk’s Tesla’s full-self driving (FSD) software will be launched in China soon. According to Bloomberg report, Musk has received permission to introduce Tesla’s driver-assistance system in the world’s largest auto market during his visit to China. According to Bloomberg, US car maker Tesla has signed a deal with Chinese tech giant Baidu Inc. (Baidu) for mapping and navigation functions. This will support Tesla’s full-self driving i.e. FSD system. Tesla passed China’s data-security and privacy requirements. Tesla has also passed a key data-security and privacy requirement of China. This requirement will help ease some of Tesla’s concerns about bringing the FSD system to the Chinese market. Tesla will use Baidu’s lane-level navigation and mapping services According to Bloomberg, both Tesla and Baidu companies will soon start working together on mapping and navigation functions for EV’s FSD services in China. This partnership will help Tesla launch its self-driving services in China using Baidu’s lane-level navigation and mapping services. Baidu’s Jio services are similar to Google Maps in China. Tesla will have to obtain mapping qualification in China. Under this agreement, Baidu will supply its lane-level navigation system to Tesla, which is an important step in their partnership. In China, companies like Tesla have to obtain mapping qualifications for intelligent driving systems before they can operate on public roads. Apart from this, foreign companies also have to collaborate with local firms that provide necessary licenses. Baidu is one of a select group of approximately 20 qualified suppliers of critical modules for self-driving capabilities. This partnership with Baidu reflects Tesla’s efforts to enhance its mapping capabilities for more advanced self-driving features. The move is part of Musk’s strategy to address concerns about declining revenue and boost the company’s presence in China. Customers in the US can buy the FSD outright for $8,000. Tesla’s FSD system requires constant supervision and does not make the vehicles fully automatic. Customers in the US can purchase FSD outright for $8,000 or subscribe for $99 per month. Tesla partnered with Baidu in 2020. Now both the companies are further strengthening their partnership with this deal. However, no statement has come out yet from both Tesla and Baidu companies regarding this deal. After postponing the India trip, Musk reached China on Sunday. After postponing the India trip, Tesla owner Elon Musk reached Beijing, China on Sunday. According to a Reuters report, Musk had discussed the rollout of Tesla’s full-self driving software with senior officials here. Apart from this, Musk’s approval to transfer data collected in China abroad to train the software’s algorithms was also discussed. FSD is trained from videos collected from the cars of millions of Tesla customers. Tesla Autopilot team member Dhaval Shroff explains that we process huge amounts of data about how real human drivers acted in complex driving situations. We then train a computer neural network to mimic this. Data of Tesla’s Chinese drivers being stored in Shanghai since 2021 Tesla has stored the data collected from its Chinese fleet in Shanghai since 2021 and has not transferred it to the US. Tesla launched FSD, the most autonomous version of its autopilot software, four years ago. Despite customer demand, FSD is not yet available in China. Despite customer request, it has not been made available in China yet. However, in response to a question on social media platform X, Musk said that Tesla may make FSD available to customers in China this month. Tesla has sold more than 17 lakh cars in China. Tesla has sold more than 17 lakh cars in China. Its factory in Shanghai is Tesla’s largest factory in the world. Tesla also wants to set up its factory in India. For this, Musk was to come to India last week, but due to his busy schedule he postponed the visit. China’s largest auto show going on in Beijing Musk’s visit came at a time when the auto show is going on in Beijing. It started last week and will end on May 4. Tesla has no booth at China’s biggest auto show. He last participated in it in 2021. Musk was to come to India on 21-22 April. Earlier there was news that Elon Musk would be in India on 21 and 22 April. During this time he will also meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Apart from this, Tesla CEO and his team will meet government officials and industry representatives.

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