Zomato made a profit of Rs 351 crore in one year: There was a loss of Rs 971 crore in 2023, the share rose 208.71% in one year.

Food delivery company Zomato has made a consolidated profit of Rs 351 crore in the financial year 2024. It had a loss of Rs 971 crore in financial year 2023. The revenue for the entire year was Rs 12,114 crore. In 2023 it was Rs 7,079 crore. Whereas in the fourth quarter of 2024, the company has registered a profit of Rs 175 crore. In the same quarter last year i.e. Q4FY23, Zomato had suffered a loss of Rs 188 crore. This is the fourth consecutive quarter when the company’s earnings have been in the green. Income increased by 73% to Rs 3,562 crore in the fourth quarter. The company’s revenue i.e. income also increased by 73% on an annual basis in the fourth quarter to Rs 3,562 crore. The company’s revenue has increased at a time when the sector is struggling with the pressure of low demand. In the same quarter last year, Zomato had reported revenue of Rs 2,056 crore. The company’s shares gave a return of 208.71% in one year. After the results, Zomato’s shares fell 2.31% and closed at Rs 196.65. The company’s shares have increased by 63.53% in the last 6 months. The company’s shares have given a return of 208.71% in the last one year. On May 15, 2023, Zomato was at Rs 63.70.

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